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Revising the Fictional Narrative

Posted on May 25, 2012 at 8:22 PM
Hello, writers and teachers,
One more week of school, and then we'll all enjoy a well-deserved break.
During this final week, you will be:
1- revising your fictional narrative;
2- sharing your story with a friend and getting some feedback;
3- making final changes and corrections to your story;
4- writing a beautiful final copy;
5- adding an illustration;
6- proudly displaying your awesome work;
7- taking your story home and treasuring it forever! :)
Let's review how to revise your work to make it yummier and better:
Revising the Narrative (PDF — 1 MB)
Here's a model of a short fictional narrative written in 1st person POV. Notice that the story is written in the voice of the main character and that it follows a plot mountain structure. Also, notice the use of flashback and various other writing tricks and techniques to spice up the writing (sensory details, colorful words, figurative language, action, description, dialogue/dialect, emotions, humor).
Back to School (PDF — 84 KB)
Students, have fun with your story and make it yummy!
Teachers, this is your chance to invent creative ways to make the writing process fun. Make sure you give students the opportunity to share their stories with the class. (If there's no time to read them aloud, then post them somewhere in the building.) Have fun and celebrate your students' accomplishment (and yours, as well)!
During the summer months we will be reviewing the parts of speech and having fun with words.
Talk to you later!
Write Cook
What better way to celebrate the end of the school year than by enjoying a super-duper ice cream sundae? Who screams for ice cream? I SCREAM!!!

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