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Fun with Nouns

Posted on September 20, 2012 at 10:15 AM
Hello, writers and teachers,

This week we'll have a bit of fun reviewing nouns.

Take one more look at the following document:

NOUNS (PDF — 235 KB)

By now you've noticed that nouns are classified in many different ways.

Take a look at this list:

common nouns -  example: dog

proper nouns - example: Fluffy

concrete nouns - example: mountain 

conceptual nouns - example: freedom

count nouns - example: one toy, two toys

non-count nouns - example: fun

singular nouns - example: school, child

regular plural nouns - example: schools

irregular plural nouns - example: children

possessive nouns - examples: cat's tail; cats' tails

precise nouns - example: school is more precise than building; Lincoln Middle is more precise than school.

collective nouns - examples: family, flock, bunch

compound nouns - examples: football, middle school, mother-in-law 

subject nouns - example: The dog is hungry.

predicate nouns - example: The dog climbed a tree.

object nouns - example: The dog jumped over the fence.

Furthermore, a noun can act as an adjective:

I'm leaving on a jet plane.

A noun can act as a verb:

I'll phone you when I get to the airport.

And certain nouns can act as adverbs:

I'll fly today.

Verbs ending in "ing" (gerunds) can be used as nouns:

Swimming is my favorite sport.

And the infinitive verb form (introduced by "to") can also be used as a noun:

To swim is my goal.

Nouns are so versatile!

Try making your own list of different kinds of nouns.

Here are a few games and a couple of videos to help you identify nouns. Have fun!

Video on Apostrophes:

Video on Nouns - Uses (click on the tab titled Parts of Speech):

This week's assignment: 

1- Write a list of nouns (at least 20) related to autumn (pumpkins, Thanksgiving, family, etc.).

2- Use at least 10 nouns from your list in an 8-sentence paragraph.

Happy writing! :)

Write Cook

P.S. Autumn begins next Saturday. What's your favorite autumn dessert? My favorite is pumpkin pie.

Categories: Lessons on the Parts of Speech, Paragraph

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