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The Expository Essay - First Draft

Posted on December 4, 2012 at 9:31 PM
Hello, writers and teachers,
December is here! We have only three weeks left before Christmas break, so we better put them to good use.
Our focus for these three weeks will be the expository essay. Two-three weeks ago you wrote the first draft of a paragraph where you explained how your life has changed now that you are in middle school. Your new task will be to expand your paragraph into a five-paragraph essay.
Before you begin, study the following documents on the essay.


Now you're ready. You may use the following graphic organizers to "grow" your paragraph:

Paragraph vs. Essay (PDF — 85 KB)

First, develop your hook and topic sentence into an introductory paragraph. Your thesis statement should list three important ways in which your life has changed now that you're in middle school. (Think of personal changes and changes at home and at school.)
Second, develop each one of your supporting ideas (the three ways in which your life has changed) into a separate paragraph. You can do this by adding details, examples, and anecdotes. Keep in mind that your goal is to compose three well-developed paragraphs, each about a way your life has changed now that you're in middle school.
Third, turn your closing sentence into a conclusion paragraph. Add a reflection and/or share your feelings. If you started your introductory paragraph with an anecdote, you could complete the anecdote in the conclusion paragraph.
Remember: this is a first draft. Next week you will begin to revise your work. This week you'll get your ideas and details down; next week you'll add the yumminess.
Happy writing!
Write Cook

P.S. What's your favorite Christmas candy? I love cherry cordials, peppermint nougats, and candy canes. 

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