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Sentence Parts and Sentence Construction

Posted on August 19, 2013 at 7:51 PM
Hello, students, teachers, and parents,

This week we will review sentence parts and sentence construction with the help of Mr. Morton from 

Go to:

Watch the PPT lessons and complete the worksheets that go with each lesson:

Subjects, Predicates, and Objects Lesson PPT

1- Subjects, Objects, and Predicates with Pirates Worksheet

2- Subjects, Predicates, and Objects Worksheet

3- Subjects, Predicates, and Objects Worksheet 2

4- Subjects and Predicates Worksheet   

5- Compound Subjects and Predicates Worksheet 

Clauses Lesson PPT

Clauses and Phrases Lesson PPT

1- Clauses Worksheet

2- Joining Clauses and the Circus

3- Ninjas! – Independent and Dependent Clauses

4- Clauses and Phrases Worksheets

Four Sentence Types Lesson PPT 

1- Four Sentence Type Worksheets

2- Sentence Types Worksheet 

Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences Lesson PPT

1- Creating Compound Sentences

2- Creating Complex Sentences

More practice:

1- Fragments and Run-On Sentences 1

2- Fragments and Run-On Sentences 2

Next week we will review sentence fluency.

Make sure to do something fun this week -- only two weeks left of summer break! (Even less for some!)

Write Cook

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